Hi neighbours!

We want to send a quick message out on this blog. Considering a lot has changed since before COVID-19 hit, we’re going to do our best to make the latest information available to you on all our platforms.

Regarding events

This year has been a challenge for event planning, and with provincial and city regulations continuing to limit gatherings to five people, there will be fewer opportunities this spring and summer for our signature events to happen in the same way.

We are sorry to say that our annual Garage Sale will not run this spring/summer, although we may be able to consider offering it at a later time if restrictions are lifted. Garage sales are currently prohibited. 

The status of the Summer Fun Day, normally held in August, is also uncertain but improbable. We are continuing to monitor public health guidelines about public gatherings.

This has been a particularly difficult year for our seniors’ programs, as activities continue to be cancelled as a result of the virus. The grant-based funding we normally receive from the province to help support these programs has also been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19.

On the bright side, gardening work continues, and we are grateful for the help of Laura Kollenberg for her work on the flower beds at the north entrance to Central Park.


We are encouraged that the Councillor’s safety update has raised interest in the association and our activities. Beyond online communications through our own channels (discussion list, Facebook), local businesses who have given us free advertising space (such as RE/MAX agent Franco Ippolito), and through the Councillor’s office, we advertise upcoming events on sandwich boards posted along Central Park Drive as well as a message board in Celebration Park. Printing newsletters for distribution to individual households is cost-prohibitive for us, but we are looking into advertising the association and upcoming events (when we have some) in other high-traffic areas such as mailboxes, which has been successfully done in the past. There are fewer community newspapers these days, previously a good option for reaching residents by mail.

We are always open to exploring more ways to engage with residents and welcome your input, participation and volunteer efforts. Plans are also in the works to redesign our website.

Reach out to us!

If you have questions or want to be a part of the conversation, head over to our discussion group. The Central Park neighbourhood has a very active online community. We welcome all neighbours to post their questions and concerns here! Alternatively, follow and message us on our Facebook group.

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