Hello Central Park Residents:

I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful summer. Unfortunately, one of your neighbours continues to use City property as their personal waste disposal site. Charges were laid against one household last week and today a different Central Park resident was observed doing the same and charges are pending.

A quick reminder – perhaps we can consider reminding our neighbours to dispose of our household waste appropriately:

  • Residual waste (packaging, etc.), recycling (paper, plastics, cans, etc.) and green bins (organic waste such as kitchen scraps, etc.)are picked up at our curbs.
  • Household hazardous waste (such as old paint, batteries, etc.) can go to a depot or to the many “Take It Back” retailers such as Home Depot, Rona, etc.
  • Dog feces is supposed to be disposed of by flushing it for proper treatment of the pathogens at the City’s Water Waste Facility or by wrapping it in absorbent paper and then in a bag and then it can out with your residual waste (http://ottawa.ca/en/licence_permit/pet_animal/cats_dogs/dogs/stoop/)