Due to technical difficulties, the original Google Group that served as the Ottawa Central Park can no longer be managed. This means that while existing members can still send and receive emails, new members can no longer be approved for posting messages, severely limiting the usefulness of the group. As such, the Ottawa Central Park Citizens Association is implementing a new discussion group that will not only enable new community members to join the conversation, but also offers new and exciting features like a community calendar, classifying discussions with hash tags (so members can focus on topics of interest), opinion polls, integration with Facebook, and more.

Due to the formerly mentioned technical difficulties, we also cannot simply migrate users to the new group. As such, we are asking existing users and any new users to join the conversation in this new group. Like the previous discussion group, you will still be able to participate in discussions simply via email or through a web browser interface, and can receive individual emails or summary digests. We do apologize for this inconvenience and hope there will be minimal disruption during the switch.

Additional details are available at https://groups.io/g/OttawaCentralPark

If you have questions or comments, please send them to OttawaCentralPark+owner@groups.io.

To subscribe, simply email OttawaCentralPark+subscribe@groups.io or add your email address below.