Dear Friends and Neighbours:

Happy New Year! After a short break over the holidays, construction of the Airport Parkway Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge is progressing well.

Work over the last few months included the placement of scaffolding, formwork and falsework for the upper half of the tower, completion of the east pathway connection, hot mix paving of the pathway, and the installation of a new access door and windows at the South Keys Transit Station. Next steps include resuming formwork, falsework and reinforcing steel on the upper tower, which needs to be in place before the concrete is poured. The contractor will also begin constructing the forming and falsework for the main deck crossing the Airport Parkway. For safety reasons, the contractor is installing temporary concrete barriers on the Parkway when necessary. Please use caution when driving in this area.

For the next few months, there will be periods of time when traffic on the Airport Parkway is heavily impacted. The City and the contractor will make every effort to ensure that there is minimal disruption in traffic flow during this phase. The City will provide Public Service Announcements in advance of this work taking place and will post regular updates at You can also visit my website at and follow me on Twitter at for updates. The City has installed digital message boards along the Airport Parkway near the construction site as well.

I continue to closely monitor progress on this project to ensure that this connection is built safely and to the highest quality standards. Thank you for your patience and consideration during construction.

It remains an honour and a privilege to serve you and our great city.