Ashcroft Homes is planning a new 930,000 square-foot project on the Merivale Road side of the Central Park housing development by the Experimental Farm. It will include eight mixed-use buildings – including six tall and narrow (about 1/3 the size of Broadway or Chorus) condo towers with a walkable main street in between that is meant to include shops for local residents. Ashcroft has a hired a national real estate agency to fill the commercial space to be built.

In December, 2010 Ashcroft made a presentation to the community (see attached) in which they laid out their vision for the new development. City Council approved the zoning change required to build taller buildings, but the overall density did not change from the original Central Park zoning approval. The zoning change was approved with a condition that the builder adhere to the innovative plan and the vision put forward by the architect that developed the project designs and that the project must be in line with the spirit of the presentation made to the community in December, 2010.

Further news on the new development can be found at If market conditions are right, Ashcroft hopes to start building the middle section of the development in the fall or winter of 2012/13.

The Community Association will keep you posted on developments as we are made aware of Ashcroft’s plans.

Merivale Community Development Presentation

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